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The 500 (Solaris Tanzania)!

On October 24th, about 3752 people have direct access to sustainable energy at home through their Solaris kit.

This week the operations of Solaris Tanzania are reaching a great milestone: 500 Solaris are currently in use in the north of Tanzania, providing a daily access to sustainable and affordable electricity to 3752 people directly and about 1500 more (indirectly) through the many micro-entrepreneurs using their Solaris equipment to provide energy services to their community (such as phone charging or hair cutting).

Such 500 Solaris kits are supported by 20W to 80W panels, which represent about 17240W all together. How much is 17240W you may ask? Well, look around you, you may find a functioning heater close to you, probably 60x120cm big. Got it? Imagine about 7 to 8 of those that are meant to bring comfort to 2 households of 4 people in Europe, which is exactly the amount of installed power we are currently using to fulfil most of the energy needs of 3752 people living in 500 households who are using Solaris everyday!

Solaris Tanzania is now installing about 100 systems per month and plans to triple the rate as soon as we leverage more funds to be converted in kits!

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