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Enabling companies to deliver life-changing technology to the Next Billion

Explore our solutions that help rapidly scale the delivery of essential products and services to the Bottom of the Pyramid 

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Who we are

Paygo solar has proven life-changing technology can be made affordable to people in developing countries. Solaris Offgrid is extending the model to the wide range of essential products and services in need through innovative technology and solutions.

"While the Paygo solar industry is expanding fast, the need is now on efficient and flexible technologies, to improve end-user accessibility."


- Benjamin David, Co-founder and CTO at Solaris Offgrid -

What we do

Through Product Design and Engineering Services (SolarisLab) and software solutions (PaygOps, Bridgin), Solaris Offgrid provides Paygo distributors with a cloud IT infrastructure to manage Paygo assets and operations, while supporting product manufacturers in developing products that best meet market needs.

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