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Case Studies

Discover how we build Paygo innovations, collaborating with and promoting organisations, driven people and change makers!


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OpenPAYGO Token

- Funded by The EnAccess Foundation

The free and secure Open Source Token System to make any product PAYGO compatible. The OpenPAYGO Token provides manufacturers operating PAYGO enabled devices with a secure way to remotely control the activation of end-user devices via a token system.


OpenPAYGO Link

- Funded by Efficiency for Access

The open source PAYGO appliances communication protocol to make your products interoperable. The OpenPAYGO Link is a free and secure open source technology designed for SHS or appliance manufacturers willing to scale by adopting an interoperable communication protocol. 


Product Development Services

- Leading power electronics manufacturer

Our team designed several Solar Home System kits, including a large kit designed to meet Tier 3 electrification requirements. This product was co-designed and engineered from start to finish with a leading power electronics company. A market study was performed to ensure that the finished product met customer expectations on both experience and price. The product featured both AC and DC outputs, Pay as you Go payment compatibility and usage data monitoring. The project was taken all the way to production, collaborating tightly with the factory to ensure quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

Read more about our work on PaygOps.com and discover our partners' feedback directly from the field!


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2020, Solaris Offgrid