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Full-Time position, Remote or Africa based

The primary areas of focus for the role will be Strategic Business Development and Project
, but both aspects will also intersect with the company strategy and product

Strategic Business Development: Your role involves working with the Receivables Platform
stakeholders and product team to develop the product alongside identifying, developing and closing new business opportunities for the platform.

  • Understand PaygOps client (and other distributors) requirements and if there is a fit for
    the Receivables solution and explore solutions to any technical or other barriers to

  • Build and maintain product presentations/materials to allow ease of
    investor/distributor/other stakeholder understanding

  • Work with investors to ensure the Receivables platform meets requirements for scale,
    including understanding how to show and reduce risk (through improved credit
    policies/analysis) as well as finding/managing streamlined payment/data flows

  • Assist distributors/investors/partners (including legal) to close receivables transactions

  • Work with the product team to ensure the platform is built to allow functionality to scale

  • Meet distributors, investors, and industry stakeholders to conduct product demonstrations
    and gain awareness and feedback on platform

  • Co-design growth strategies and assist with pitch/business planning related to receivables financing


  • Strong notions or previous experiences in a Fintech related industry are appreciated,
    especially lending to the unbanked.

  • Good understanding of the Off-grid / Pay-As-You-Go and/or MFI/Agriloan industry is

  • Good understanding of the payment/mobile money networks, aggregators, APIs
    available in Sub Saharan Africa to automate payment flows.

  • Demonstrates ability to convince, engage and follow up on conversations with potential
    customers and partners.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, not afraid to take initiatives or make proposals and then see
    them through to completion.

  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated and passionate about developing world projects and social

  • Ability to exercise effective judgement, sensitivity, and creativity to changing needs and

  • Is eager to discover new cultures and ways of working.

  • Willingness to travel and spend extended periods away from home, while also being free to work from home otherwise.

  • Proven track record of meeting or exceeding performance objectives (revenue targets, pipeline targets, etc.).

  • Ability to handle a fast-paced environment and challenging workload.

  • Excellent communication skills and has native/fluent proficiency in English and good notions of French.

  • Strong presentation and negotiations experience

  • Excellent technical IT aptitude and a fast learner!

  • Ability to talk confidently to CEO, CFO, and Operations Managers about high-level financial solutions and IT/technical concepts

Compensation and details:

  • Start date: June 2022

  • Location: Preferably based in Sub Saharan Africa. Possible from anywhere if you are in a
    home office / remote setting (as long as your working habits can match a Central
    European Time Zone) with easy access to West or East Africa.

  • All business-related expenses paid except for tax expenses related to the contract
    income or visas for residency or work permits.

  • Special travel allowance to go meet your colleagues wherever they work from.

  • Compensation to be confirmed


We’d love to hear from you. Please click “apply” to submit your resume and tell us why you’re excited to join us.

If you want to know a bit more about what we are doing you can check our website: and

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