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Product Design Services

We guide you through the complete process of bringing a product to life, from idea to market.





We are a team of engineers with experience in the design of electronic products oriented to inclusive energy access around the world.


At Solaris Offgrid we permanently challenge the state of the art to push the limits of efficiency and sustainability. 

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Led Lamp

In 2018, Solaris Offgrid conducted a research on LED lightning for solar home systems that let us determine the ideal configuration to reach 250lm with 2W of power consumption.

Design Development

From ideation to production, our designers and engineers will work in tandem. They will understand your product's needs at its core and design the most cost effective solution. We have years of experience developing products for the bottom of the pyramid. We use this experience to ensure that your product will be loved by your clients while being affordable. While some product development companies focus on a specific part of the process, we view it as an end-to-end experience and ensure that we achieve your vision for an amazing product.

OpenPAYGO Token

Awarded with funding from the EnAccess Foundation, Solaris Offgrid developed the OpenPAYGO Token, an open source PAYGO (Pay-As-You-Go) communication protocol that aims at enabling any product with PAYGO capability. 

OpenPAYGO Link

OpenPAYGO Link is a free and secure open source technology. Brought to you by Solaris Offgrid and Efficiency for Access, it is designed for SHS or appliance manufacturers willing to scale by adopting an interoperable communication protocol. 


Our designers have the skills and market knowledge to understand the specific needs of your customers. Their process begin with collaborative co-creation of specification. Our team will dive deep into the problem you are trying to solve and do market research. They then launch into design and will offer you different proposals to ensure that both you and your clients love the final product. 


Our engineers are trained to make products that are robust, reliable and fit for their use. They have made products for developing countries that can whithstand harsh environmental conditions. They are also very aware of cost optimization strategies and will always consider the best trade-offs to reduce costs. They are used to work closely with factories to ensure that the designs are finely optimized for manufacturing.

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