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PaygOps SaaS Solutions

Flexible SaaS solutions to support companies deliver essential services to the BoP

"I have been impressed with how flexible Solaris' PaygOps software is - it's customizable and compatible with any hardware - and therefore meets distributors’ diverse needs. These features sit well on top of our products, which are modular and upgradeable and so can grow with our partners as their customers' energy needs grow."

- Ethan Kay, Managing Director of Emerging Markets at BioLite -

They Trust us

Why PaygOps?

Designed to offer in-depth feature adaptability and customisable workflows, PaygOps is a leader in the industry, providing industry players with an operations management tool that is interoperable with best-in-class hardware and complementary software solutions.


Most flexible tool of its category allowing distributors to adapt key features within PaygOps and to customise their own workflow with an ecosystem of best-in-class Apps.


Feature adaptability and customisable workflows makes PaygOps the most appropriate

lease-management tool for emerging markets, interoperable with any device.

Customer Inclusiveness

PaygOps design is based on a bottom-up approach, making it one of the most field inclusive tools in the industry.

PaygOps Offering

Get started now by subscribing to PaygOps:

  • With the Full Suite Offering, covering all of PaygOps' flexible and interoperable features. 

  • With the NEW Microservices Offering, selecting only the feature, or the group of features, that best adapts to your business model and your needs.

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