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Lead Developer 

Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

At Solaris Offgrid, our mission is to revolutionise access to affordable and reliable energy, while also transforming sectors such as sustainable farming, agribusiness, clean cooking, and e-mobility through cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches.

As our PaygOps Lead Developer, you'll be immersed in a vibrant startup ecosystem, reporting directly to our Head of Engineering. Collaborating closely with our Product, Design, and Quality Assurance teams, you'll drive innovation, ensuring our software solutions align with our impactful mission. Your role will be pivotal in steering projects towards meaningful outcomes, fostering a dynamic and agile approach that fuels our journey of impactful innovation.


Smart people who

... are passionate about driving innovation and teamwork 
... have technical expertise
... adapt to enhance our software development initiatives


  • Offer consistent guidance and mentorship, nurturing the growth and skills of our development team.

  • Ensure access to essential resources, advocating for the team needs to enhance their productivity.

  • Define the software's architecture and structure, collaborating with stakeholders to translate project needs into technical requirements.

  • Develop a technical roadmap, choosing suitable technologies, frameworks, and methodologies.

  • Write high-quality, efficient and scalable code, leading code reviews to maintain quality and consistency.

  • Oversee feature implementation aligned with project objectives and timelines.

  • Collaborate with the QA Engineer to define and refine testing strategies.

  • Coordinate bug identification, prioritisation, and resolution processes.

  • Ensure updated technical documentation and oversee infrastructure management activities.

  • Work closely with other teams for seamless integration and goal alignment.

  • Provide regular updates and reports on project status and achievements.

  • Identify and suggest enhancements in development processes.

  • Facilitate ongoing learning and skill development for the team.


  • Proficiency in Python, JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • Familiarity with Angular and Ionic frameworks is preferred; however, experience in React or similar frameworks could be considered depending on your adaptability and a quick learning curve.

  • Full-stack development skills and problem-solving abilities across application layers.

  • Strong coding skills, version control proficiency, and testing methodologies implementation.

  • Leadership capabilities, adaptability, effective communication, and Agile methodology experience.


You can move to Valencia, Spain where we have an office 5 min from the beach, which we think is pretty cool. Or you can choose to work remotely and go to Valencia once in a while for special events


We’d love to hear from you. Please click “apply” to submit a resume. 

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