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Our Impact

Fostering Paygo business models and innovative finance technology to enable access to credit to the world’s unbanked. 

"Together, BrightLife, a venture of FINCA International and Solaris Offgrid are associating Digital Finance Services with inclusive solar Paygo technologies, to advance financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 66% of adults are still excluded from the formal financial system."
- Stefan Grundmann, President & CEO, Brightlife -

What they say about us


In the coming year, we will be working closely with our partners including CGAP, IFC and GIZ to learn from within the industry, to learn from Solaris Offgrid and others who are testing the KPI’s and from the investors who are already active in this industry."

Laura Sundblad

Program Manager GOGLA Lighting Global

"The OpenPAYGO Token, developed by Solaris Offgrid, is exactly the type of ecosystem-building work that EnAccess is excited to support. We believe that this open source solution will save the manufacturers and distributors of PAYGO-enabled products both time and money, and ultimately increase the availability of livelihood-enhancing products throughout underserved communities. We're thrilled to have collaborated with Solaris and look forward to seeing the Open PAYGO Token adopted by organizations across the industry."

Rahul Barua

Cofounder and interim Executive Director

‘’Sun King products are now compatible with multiple pay-as-you-go software platforms, including Solaris Offgrid’s PaygOps, allowing distributors to choose the PAYG system that best supports their business model.’’

Dhaval Radia

Senior Vice President, Greenlight Planet

Where we operate

Through PaygOps, our in-house software solution designed for last-mile operations and our Product Design and Engineering Services, SolarisLab, we have already worked with distributors and manufacturers over four continents (covering more than 35 countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Zambia, DRC, Indonesia, Myanmar....).  


Our Impact

At Solaris Offgrid, we have years of experience in developing innovative technology for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid. Drawing from our field expertise and our team of talented designers and engineers, we design product and solutions that unlock affordability for low-income customers and bring greater commercial viability for distributors and manufacturers. 

Read more about our work and discover how, together with leading Paygo-industry players, we are driving the adoption of Paygo-enabled products, thus accelerating the access to life-changing amenities for the BoP. 



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