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Our Ecosystem

We enhance and grow the ecosystem of Paygo-industry players making their technology more accessible and adapted to end-user needs

"We think that open source technologies would be a big advantage to scaling the market and to helping create greater opportunities for consumers around the world to gain access to essencial services."

- Graham Pugh, Consultant to the Efficiency for Access Coalition -

Inclusive products and services for BOP markets

We have the ambition to serve larger essential needs such as access to water, mobility, sanitation, or even communication and digital services, supporting the legion of entrepreneurs to tackle distribution complexity through our SaaS Solution PaygOps and our Product Development Solutions, and thus change the lives of people living in poverty.

What we do
We support companies in collecting millions of micro-payments, implement efficient processes, strengthen relationship with investors and create standards to facilitate the adoption of PAYGO products. 
How we do it
We provide innovative tools and methods to have an impact that proves to be scalable and profitable through our flexible SaaS/CRM/ERP solutions (PaygOps) and Product Development Services.
Design Development
Since 2014, our team of designers and engineers are putting their expertise together to develop 
affordable and reliable products and solutions  for the bottom of the pyramid. 
Field Expertise
We have always benefited from first hand experience with our close partner Solaris Tanzania, allowing our teams to experience every pain point of the Paygo model, in order to develop inclusive solutions to enhance growth.

The industries in

which we operate

Paygo solar has proven life-changing technology can be made affordable to people in developing countries. Today we strive at supporting companies to deliver essential services to the poor, in profitable and sustainable ways.






Water access


They invest in us

They trust us

They work with us


Enabling companies to deliver life-changing technology to the Next Billion

2021, Solaris Offgrid