• Flexible PAYG soluTions


    in The field,

    for The field

    Solaris Offgrid designs Pay-As-You-Go solutions to foster affordable and sustainable energy access in off-grid areas.

  • WhaT we do

    We run our own last-mile operations with Solaris Tanzania,

    and share this expertise through our flexible technologies with Solaris Offgrid and PaygOps.

  • Solaris Offgrid's inTegraTed approach

    The 3 dimensions of our integrated approach

    to support sustainable & profitable offgrid energy ventures



    Solaris Offgrid offers a hardware agnostic Paygo system, including an Offline Mobile App, co-designed and inspired by last-mile operations' decision makers, in order to enhance the households' experience while optimising the resources' performance of your downstream operations.


    Field Expertise


    Some partners are offered training at Solaris Tanzania (operating branch of Solaris Offgrid) to benchmark the most efficient practices in place. High-level support and advisory are then offered all along the partner's journey to help achieve thousands of installations.



    Solaris Hardware


    We provide a unique "white branded" Pay-As-You-Go charging controller that allows our partners to power households or micro-businesses with a modular solar input from 40w to 200w and with the ability to plug accessories such as TVs. If the system's users need more power over time, our scalable product will follow through.

  • PaygOps

    Improve and scale your off-grid operations with our flexible Software-as-a-Service solutions called "PaygOps"


  • PaygOps inTeroperabiliTy

    Our advanced PAYG Platform is already integrated with the following manufacturers:

  • Village Energy, Uganda

    "We don't just see Solaris Offgrid as a supplier but as a strategic partner with whom we can grow together. Whether it's the visits to each other's field operations to share knowledge and best practices, the ongoing tech support we receive, getting our logo and color scheme on the Solaris systems we distribute, or the key changes made to the CRM platform on our behalf, we feel that Solaris Offgrid is very much committed to our success."​


    Jay Patel, Vice-President

    QoTTo, Bénin

    "We use hardware from Solaris Offgrid, which we have integrated with our own smart cards for communication with the devices (...) Using this technology, we then support our customers climbing the access to energy ladder, from lighting and mobile charging to watching their own TV. With the same installation, we can begin with a simple installation of a few lamps, and then a few months later, we can upgrade our customer to TV screens."


    Jean-Baptiste Lenoir, Co-Founder




    Solaris, Tanzania

    "With the Solaris PAYG Platform we are now able to collect and manage data of our thousands of clients. The features evolved as we grew, which is quite useful when you are managing a fast expanding start-up like ours! Thus, we rely on the platform and the Mobile App to help us deliver an equivalent (high) quality of service at 30,000 installations, allowing our staff to keep gaining in efficiency when managing their daily tasks deep in the bush."


    Charlène Giraudier, Country Director

  • ConTacT us

    Feel free to drop us a line to gather any further information about Solaris Offgrid.

    If you are keen on testing our integrated solution and becoming a field partner, please email us and explain:

    1. Where would you like to tackle energy access issues, mentioning any demonstrated knowledge of the given area;
    2. What would be your plan to do so, mentioning any previous experiences in business or last mile project management;
    3. How would you execute such plan, mentioning any key asset, partnership and/or financing path you may take.

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    Stay tuned, here comes the latest about Solaris Offgrid

    Awarded with funding from the EnAccess Foundation, Solaris Offgrid developed the OpenPAYGO Token, an open source PAYGO (Pay-As-You-Go) communication protocol that aims at enabling any product with PAYGO capability. PAYGO allows for products to be activated and paid for over time, and typically...
    - Bylined article, NextBillion.net - A not-so silent revolution is happening around the world. If you are a citizen from a digitalised economy, you are now a quantified human, as there are certainly companies – from Facebook to Amazon to Google – that collectively know what you have done all...
    Awarded with an R&D Grant from Efficiency for Access, with funding from UK Aid, Solaris Offgrid was commissioned to join the Low-Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) Programme Technical Working Groups (TWGs) for Interoperability, to develop an open source standardised Paygo appliance communication...
    Watch the episode 7 of #SolarisFieldStories and learn how data-driven strategies in the Paygo sector can unlock the potential of every company to scale and maximize profitability. " Deep diving data help me as a VC to understand without any emotion a business. I need this emotion to invest in...
    Watch the episode 6 of #SolarisFieldStories and learn how the growing consumer demand in TV systems is playing a key role in Paygo profitability, while unlocking important socio-economic impacts in off-grid communities. "With PaygOps, we are supporting distributors to develop models that are...
    Rural Spark is a fast-growing off-grid player headquartered in the Netherlands. They are entering the African market and are already present in several countries including Nigeria, DRC Congo, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia. While new in the African scene, they have developed a solid product line in...
    March 18, 2019
    Watch the episode 5 of #SolarisFieldStories and learn about "Customer Churn Rate" challenges and best practices for the off-grid paygo sector. "When we look deeper at the implications of churn, we realize once more that paygo is far more than just a payment collection method, but a diversity of...
    (Eng) From March 2019, PaygOps is available in French language as an option for all partners requiring it. PaygOps also accepts requests for other languages than French or English, to meet specific customer requirements (additional fees may apply). A compter de Mars 2019, PaygOps, l’outil de...
    Connectivity and roaming services affordability have dramatically increased in developing countries those past few years, bringing new social and economic opportunities locally (with over 1% GDP increase per tranches of 10% gain in access to high speed internet at the country level, according to...
    Sun King™ is the flagship brand of Greenlight Planet, a global leader of in solar home energy products with more than 10 million products distributed to date in over 65 countries. PaygOps, the pay-as-you-go leasing management software developed by Solaris Offgrid, is now one of the few chosen...
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