• Flexible PAYG soluTions


    in The field,

    for The field

    Solaris Offgrid designs and manufactures Pay-As-You-Go solutions to foster affordable and sustainable energy access in off-grid areas.

  • WhaT we do

    We run our own last-mile operations in Africa with Solaris Tanzania,

    to design field inclusive PAYG solutions for our ambitious partners with Solaris Offgrid.

  • PaygOps

    PaygOps is a fully integrated* hardware agnostic Software & App, allowing you to unlock the scale-up barriers of your off-grid operations:


    1. Interoperable - Integrate the Solaris PAYG Platform with any hardware supplier through APIs.

    2. Customer Inclusive - Stay connected to your customers' needs through the interactions report tools.

    3. Offline Mobile App - Enable your staff to deliver efficient customer service in the most remote environment.

    4. Flexible Development - Benefit from tailor-made software features to fit your scale-up requirements.

    5. Data Security & Ownership - Keep full ownership of your data in our bank-level infrastructure security servers.

    *With access every necessary functionality such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payment Management, Sales Assets Management, Internal Accounting, Comprehensive Data Analytics, Inventory Management.

  • PaygOps inTeroperabiliTy

    Our advanced PAYG Platform is already integrated with the following manufacturers:

  • Solaris Offgrid's inTegraTed approach

    The 3 dimensions of our integrated approach

    to support sustainable & profitable offgrid energy ventures




    Solaris Offgrid offers a hardware agnostic Paygo system, including an Offline Mobile App, co-designed and inspired by last-mile operations' decision makers, in order to enhance the households' experience while optimising the resources' performance of your downstream operations.

    Field Expertise


    Every partner is offered training at Solaris Tanzania (operating branch of Solaris Offgrid) to benchmark the most efficient practices in place. High-level support and advisory are then offered all along the partner's journey to help achieve thousands of installations.

    Solaris Hardware


    We provide a unique "white branded" Pay-As-You-Go charging controller that allows our partners to power households or micro-businesses with a modular solar input from 40w to 200w and with the ability to plug accessories such as TVs. If the system's users need more power over time, our scalable product will follow through.

  • Village Energy, Uganda

    "We don't just see Solaris Offgrid as a supplier but as a strategic partner with whom we can grow together. Whether it's the visits to each other's field operations to share knowledge and best practices, the ongoing tech support we receive, getting our logo and color scheme on the Solaris systems we distribute, or the key changes made to the CRM platform on our behalf, we feel that Solaris Offgrid is very much committed to our success."​


    Jay Patel, Vice-President

    QoTTo, Bénin

    "We use hardware from Solaris Offgrid, which we have integrated with our own smart cards for communication with the devices (...) Using this technology, we then support our customers climbing the access to energy ladder, from lighting and mobile charging to watching their own TV. With the same installation, we can begin with a simple installation of a few lamps, and then a few months later, we can upgrade our customer to TV screens."


    Jean-Baptiste Lenoir, Co-Founder




    Solaris, Tanzania

    "With the Solaris PAYG Platform we are now able to collect and manage data of our thousands of clients. The features evolved as we grew, which is quite useful when you are managing a fast expanding start-up like ours! Thus, we rely on the platform and the Mobile App to help us deliver an equivalent (high) quality of service at 30,000 installations, allowing our staff to keep gaining in efficiency when managing their daily tasks deep in the bush."


    Charlène Giraudier, Country Director

  • ConTacT us

    Feel free to drop us a line to gather any further information about Solaris Offgrid.

    If you are keen on testing our integrated solution and becoming a field partner, please email us and explain:

    1. Where would you like to tackle energy access issues, mentioning any demonstrated knowledge of the given area;
    2. What would be your plan to do so, mentioning any previous experiences in business or last mile project management;
    3. How would you execute such plan, mentioning any key asset, partnership and/or financing path you may take.

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    BioLite and Solaris Offgrid are excited to present you the latest “one-stop-shop” offer in the off-grid industry, combining both BioLite SolarHome 620 and PaygOps solutions in a unique package, available for purchase at BioLite! This offer represents one of the very few all-inclusive Paygo...
    November 20, 2018
    Watch the 3rd episode of #SolarisFieldStories and discover how together with BrightLife, a venture of FINCA International, Solaris Offgrid is associating Digital Finance Services with inclusive solar Paygo technologies to advance financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Key facts: Global...
    Watch the 2nd episode of #SolarisFieldStories following Ulysses, designer at Solaris Offgrid, from Europe to Tanzania to discover how to gain efficiency at the last-mile through flexible and customer inclusive pay-as-you-go solutions built in the Field, for the Field.
    Solaris Offgrid announces today the change of its flagship software solution identity “Solaris PAYG Platform” to become “PaygOps”, coupled with the launch of a freemium-inspired plan called "Install-for-FREE" that aims at enhancing solar distributors' impact in emerging countries. Thibault...
    Watch the 1st episode of #SolarisFieldStories featuring GOGLA Lighting & GAIA Impact Fund. Learn how operationalising GOGLA - Lighting Global Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework for the Off-Grid solar sector can help improving information flow between investors and companies in the PAYG...
    Solaris Offgrid is excited to announce the effective completion of its integration with Amped Innovation’s WOWsolar product family. Solaris PAYG Platform is now available to all distributors working with Amped Innovation or desiring to do so! Because adaptability is the primary need of last...
    Solaris Offgrid is thrilled to announce its effective collaboration with the leading German Solar-Home-System (SHS) manufacturer Fosera. “The integration with Fosera’s line of products has been a strategic project which involved both our R&D departments for a few months. Now, we are delighted...
    Solaris Offgrid has been operating its wholly owned last mile operation in Tanzania since late 2015 (trading locally as Solaris Tanzania), steadily investing in its capacity to originate, manage, and support SHS installations built upon its proprietary hardware systems and Solaris PAYG platform. ...
    From the 22nd to the 24th of January, GOGLA held one of the most important events of the year of the Off-grid industry which gathered more than 670 delegates from 64 nations. During such event, our team had the opportunity to connect and engage with distributors, manufacturers, investors and...
    Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions (OVES) is a leading off-grid electric product technology company, offering Solar powered DC Home Systems. Its current Lighting Global verified products named “ovCamp™ Energy Hub” are distributed by thousands in developing countries, alongside a range of various DC...
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