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Celebrating 10 Years of Impact: "If we were to disappear 10 years from now, what would the world have lost?"

Solaris Offgrid 10 Years of Impact: Conversation with co-founders

“If we were to disappear 10 years from now, what would the world have lost?” 

That is the question that Siten Mandalia, Thibault Lesueur and Benjamin David posed themselves when they embarked on the inspiring mission that, over the years, would transform into Solaris Offgrid; and a testament to their dedication to creating technology that can improve the livelihoods of the world’s most underserved. As the company reaches the 10-year mark, we look back at its history, aiming to grasp what they have achieved so far and what they aim to reach to keep fulfilling the mission of delivering life-changing technology to the Next Billion.

In its early days (2014), the organisation was a "last-mile operator designing integrated solutions for a greater access to solar energy". Helped by a staff of around 100 people, they manufactured and distributed a modular, scalable solar charge controller to serve the growing needs of thousands of households in rural areas of Tanzania. But they understood that many families were going to extreme lengths to afford the solar solution, so they eventually integrated a Pay-as-you-go (Paygo) dimension into their product and began prototyping a software platform designed for distribution partners to leverage CRM features tailored to the specifics of the still-evolving business model.

“When we started, we were still exploring and learning about where we could make the most impact across the value chain, and while we attempted to excel across it all, we later honed in on our strengths, which were in bringing efficiency in operations through B2B technology solutions, says Siten, co-founder and CEO.

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