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Fosera & Solaris Offgrid offer a complete PAYG package for SHS distibutors

Solaris Offgrid is thrilled to announce its effective collaboration with the leading German Solar-Home-System (SHS) manufacturer Fosera.

Solaris Offgrid is thrilled to announce its effective collaboration with the leading German Solar-Home-System (SHS) manufacturer Fosera.

The integration with Fosera’s line of products has been a strategic project which involved both our R&D departments for a few months. Now, we are delighted to be able to support Fosera’s distributors with what we believe is the most field inclusive tools set of the industry: the Solaris PAYG Platform says Thibault Lesueur, Co-founder and CMO of Solaris Offgrid.

Fosera develops and manufactures customizable solar systems, starting from small lanterns, ranging over lighting kits, up to SHS, which can supply electricity to a household or small businesses and farms. Fosera has distributed over 300,000 SHS which come with a 3 years warranty and Lighting Global certification. Their systems are also supported by a range of appliances, like several lights, TV, fridge or fan and match with the right battery and panel size to build the solar system, which truly fits a specific project or distribution approach.

“We want to give distributors the chance to focus on their core strength, the last mile distribution, without having to worry about the product, R&D or the software backend. The partnership with Solaris Offgrid is an important headstone within the offering” says Catherine Adelmann, Founder and CEO of Fosera. Thibault Lesueur to add The PAYG Platform we are offering has been designed from a bottom-up perspective, involving last-mile operatives on a weekly basis to co-create interfaces which eventually allow them to focus on their core processes, even in the most remote area. In combination with the Fosera systems, which have a strong reputation for quality products in the industry, distributors will have access to a prime PAYG off-the-shelf package to maximize their impact in the field”.

By the end of this month of March 2018, Fosera units combined with Solaris PAYG Platform will be available for orders for all distributors operating across developing countries. For more information, get in touch with Solaris Offgrid ( and with Fosera ( or consult our websites and


About Solaris Offgrid :

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors of essential services to build strong customer traction and greater relations with investors through flexible and inclusive Paygo solutions, designed for last-mile operations. Adopting a bottom up approach in the design of its solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges, the company has already deployed Paygo solutions in more than 30 countries through PaygOps, Solaris Offgrid in-house software solution built “In the Field, for the Field” and its product development services. Leading reference in the off-grid solar market, PaygOps, is engineered to deliver modular and interoperable solutions to address off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity. For more information on PaygOps, please contact

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