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Implementing OpenPAYGO™ Token to boost interoperability and efficiency

SolarisLab OpenPAYGO Token Implementation

OpenPAYGO™ Token is the freely available token generating protocol engineered by SolarisLab (a service of Solaris Offgrid) in partnership with EnAccess. This technology is an open-source solution designed to make any device or household appliance Paygo compatible. OpenPAYGO™ Token has become an industry standard adopted by significant hardware manufacturers like Bboxx, Victron Energy and Koolboks to allow people at the “bottom of the pyramid” to have increased access to essential services by making their products affordable. OpenPAYGO™ Token is an essential component for scalable and interoperable home appliances, allowing for the total inclusion of offline and off-grid end users.

To read the full article, please go to SolarisLab.

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