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OpenPAYGO Metrics: The data structuring tool helping to monitor CO2 emissions and more

A Closer Look:

What is OpenPAYGO Metrics?

Put simply, “It’s a way for devices to tell management software like PaygOps what they’ve been doing” to quote CTO Benjamin David. OpenPAYGO Metrics is a free and open source API (Application Programming Interface) specification that provides standardisation of data from PAYGO- enabled devices. This allows connected devices to send usage data to a server on any operations management platform which can then retrieve information about their activation status and modify this accordingly. This data can be directly integrated with analytics tools and platforms like PaygOps which allows for visualisation and intuitive analysis (e.g. via dashboards and graphs), or it can be sent to a server directory and stored in CSV raw file format before being downloaded and processed.

To read the full article, please go to Blog.

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