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InnoEnergy invests in Solaris Offgrid!

Updated: Jan 10

Solaris Offgrid is proud to count InnoEnergy as part of its shareholders

InnoEnergy is the famous european company promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in sustainable energy by bringing together academics, businesses and several other stakeholders. As part of its activities, InnoEnergy regularly invests in promising startups such as Solaris Offgrid.

After an intense due diligence process run during spring 2016 on Solaris Offgrid (and our african operating branch Solaris Tanzania), InnoEnergy discovered how much value we have to offer to both off-grid villagers in Tanzania and to other organizations desiring to adopt our approach to bring electricity all over Africa, India and beyond. More importantly, InnoEnergy realized Solaris Offgrid's impact was just at a beginning, as so much more is left to be revealed over the coming years with hundreds of thousands of households to be equipped.

Solaris Offgrid is already supported by Climate-KIC since early 2014 as part of its accelerator programme. With InnoEnergy (formerly branded KIC-InnoEnergy) as part of our shareholders, Solaris Offgrid becomes even more integrated to the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs).

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