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Solaris Offgrid and EnAccess join forces to provide a Paygo solution in areas of low connectivity

SolarisLab OpenPAYGO Token Implementation

Backed by funding from EnAccess, the Solaris Offgrid engineering team, SolarisLab, is working to develop OpenPAYGO™ Pass, a free and open-source alternative which permits end users access to Paygo technology in low to no connectivity areas. This collaboration with EnAccess is a continuation of our work together in co-developing OpenPAYGO™ Token, the cornerstone of our OpenPAYGO™ Suite.

OpenPAYGO™ Pass is the most recent advancement in development from SolarisLab in partnership with EnAccess, fitting comfortably into the OpenPAYGO™ Suite of technologies helping the solar industry move closer to achieving SDG goal 7 of providing widespread access to clean and affordable energy. This project is being developed to allow end-users residing in low or no connectivity zones to have a seamless Paygo experience through the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) badge mechanisms. Currently, end-users in areas of limited connection have to undergo a time consuming and inconvenient process to activate their Paygo devices...

To read the full article, please go to SolarisLab.

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