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PaygOps, Paygee and Angaza are becoming interoperable!

PaygOps (by Solaris Offgrid), Paygee and Angaza, the top-3 leading Paygo Management Platforms, have officially announced during GOGLA’s Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo 2020 their will to become mutually compatible, to bring more interoperability and accessibility throughout the Paygo industry.

Thibault Lesueur (SolarisOffgrid), Reed Bennett (Angaza) and Stefan Zelazny (Paygee) together in Nairobi, Kenya

From both manufacturing and software perspectives, it hasn’t always been easy to work with one another. Manufacturers, for instance, would have to repeat the same process of integration with each paygo platform they wanted their product to be compatible with, while Paygo Management Platforms would have to multiply support efforts towards upgrading manufacturer product lines with paygo capability.

This is soon to be a struggle of the past, as PaygOps, Paygee and Angaza officially announced on the 20/02/2020 to be in the process of coordinating their efforts in making it possible for distributors to work with the platform of their choice without manufacturers having to multiply integration efforts with all Paygo Management Platforms and/or produce multiple inventories following Paygo Management Platform compatibility restriction. Indeed, thanks to a mutual integration of their respective open-source and open-access technology (such as Solaris Offgrid’s OpenPAYGO Token, Paygee’s Paygee Access and Angaza’s upcoming open-source algorithm to be released), the 3 Paygo Management Platforms will become compatible and enable any product which would have integrated with one of the systems mentioned above to be used on any of the 3 leading Paygo Management Platforms, thus providing more flexibility to the entire ecosystem.

As of today PaygOps (Solaris Offgrid) and Paygee have already completed such mutual compatibility, jointly enabling the following brands to be compatible with both Paygo Management Platforms: BioLite, SunKing (Greenlight Planet), Victron Energy, Fosera, Amped Innovation, Omnivoltaic, SolarWorX, SolarRun, Sunny Irrigation, PayJoy, Koolboks, Lorentz, Niwa, Aion Energy, Mobisol, Cello Solar TV, Deciwatt, Oniriq.

Stay tuned for an expected joint press release that will make the collaboration official between the 3 Paygo Management Platforms by providing more information on its technical implementation.


About Solaris Offgrid :

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors of essential services to build strong customer traction and greater relations with investors through flexible and inclusive Paygo solutions, designed for last-mile operations. Adopting a bottom up approach in the design of its solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges, the company has already deployed Paygo solutions in more than 30 countries through PaygOps, Solaris Offgrid in-house software solution built “In the Field, for the Field” and its product development services. Leading reference in the off-grid solar market, PaygOps, is engineered to deliver modular and interoperable solutions to address off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity. For more information on PaygOps, please contact

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